Magnetic water and fluid treatment,

a new test method (!)

to measure the efficiency of the treatment and generally to measure the propertys of the fluids, other interestings.


Dipl. Ing. Szilárd SZILÁGYI

 all right reserved !


Process of burning some kind of substance combines with oxygen, and Since the time Lavoisier discarded the phlogistontheory and stated confidently: during the water is actually

the compound of hydrogen and oxygen, frorn the physical and chemical point of view water has not caused too much surprise, both for the science and the general public. Water may be the most common substance on Earth; and the main reason for this is not represented by the fact that in an adult human body there are about 2000 quadrillion water molecules and in

average 60 % of our body-weight is provided by water, rather by that we meet the most various forms of it on a daily base. If a comprehensive public opinion poll was conducted concerning the compound, the chemical formula of which is known best by most people water would certainly bear the palm, as even the children in primary schools know: "the formula of water is H2O". When considering the characteristics of water, its chemical composition is usually regarded. However, it is a well-known fact that the characteristics of any substance are determined by the structure of it - which is a physical particularity - rather than by its chemical composition. Best exa.mple for this is represented by the diamond, which chemically does not differ from the graphite in any aspect. Water is the only substance on the surface of Earth existing in large masses, independently, in a fluid form. In accordance with the laws of chemistry, water, however, should be found in nature only in a gaseous form.

The fact that water is liquid, notwithstanding the above statement, is based on the special interaction of water molecules. Namely, water molecules form groups, which decompose later and regroup, creating another formation. As this continuous dynamic always follows a particular system, we have the right to talk about

water structure

that is responsible for the special properties of water; besides it is of great importance that the reaction taking place between water and different solid, liquid or gaseous substances largely depends on this structure. An important example for this interaction is the formation and stability of colloidal states. And all vital processes take place in such colloidal solutions!

However, in the second half of this century more and more people have started to study the characteristics of water, and obtained astonishing results, on the basis of which the field of research has become more and more extended; by now we have reached a level where the issue is a scene of big fights from the very different aspects of life and science. The fight in the scientific world - the outcome of which has not been settled yet, what is more, it may reach its maximum today - has begun because the mechanism of the reaction failed to be explained in a way that is clear for everybody, on the basis of the achieved results - or of failures in some cases. In my opinion this situation is about to change due to the results achieved in the past few years, as findings of certain studies have come to light and got publicity, demonstrating clearly that water has exceptional and amazing features. These will be discussed in details hereafter.

In any case it is necessary to mention a fact that is known by many people but unknown by even more: in practice there is no chemically pure water, since even multidestilled water cannot be regarded as chemically pure water, either. Therefore water should be considered as a dissolver containing more or less inorganic matter, that is to say it is a multicomponent thin solution ! This circumstance - among others - play an essential role in the results obtained during different treating procedures of water, thus in the magnetic treatment of water !

It is essential to point out the label that is in most cases given incorrectly, arousing scepticism in the professional world concerning the application and providing the possibility of misinterpretation by the non-professional public. This incorrect label is: "water-magnetization", "magnetic water^ and other definitions similar to it.  Correct definition corresponding to the reality is:

„ Magnetic treatment of fluid "

Strange to say but our knowledge concerning the water, as the best known substance of our properties on Earth, is extremely low, and it is a fact admitted by some people and not admitted by others. As a matter of fact, during the last decade such research were carried out, the results of which are not known even by professional circles, and still less by the general public.

First of all the purpose of my essay is to outline the situation concerning the magnetic treatment of water, on the basis of the knowledge I have acquired on the issue.

Several concepts have come to light so far, concerning the generally known picture of the structure of water. It was stated confidently by scientists still in the 20-s that the particles of liquids - similar to those of gases - were situated in a total disorder. Later, however, it has been revealed that there is some kind of order here after all, although - unlike the crystals - it does not involve the whole of the body but can be found in small areas, the so called cibotactic groups. These can easily move along each other and are not permanent formations at all, since time after time molecules separate from them and join them again, which means that these are continuaily dissociating and redeveloping groups, being in continuous transformation. Consequently, the system must not be considered as if there were permanent crystal fragments floating in the fluid, rather as groups in continuous dissociation and recombination, i.e. groups being in continuous change. Regarding water molecules as tiny balls we can suppose that in the ice, for example, each of these balls are surrounded by four others. Namely, four directions can be distinguished in the structure of water molecules, starting from the centre.

In two directions - still within the ball - the positively charged nuclei af the two hydrogen atoms are situated, while in the other two directions negatively charged electrons can be found. Adjacent water molecules take up their position in the ice in such a way that their parts with opposite charges turn towards each other, being in a strong attraction; forces connecting the water molecules with each other are called hydrogen bonds. When ice thawes, part of hydrogen bonds - only about one tenth of them - dissociates, thus the crystalline structure of ice collapses. That is to say the main difference between the ice and the water is represented by the number of hydrogen bonds. At the same time, I do not know any agreement cancerning the size and shape of the groups of molecules held together by the remaining bonds.



Several theories have emerged, but their evaluations on numeric data fell into a fairly wide range (between four and one hundred molecules), and great discrepancies have come to light concerning the arrangements, as well; and what is more, a thesis has been created, according to which water has a layered structure. It must be announced as a fact that there is no theory. still today, which would be able to explain every characteristic of the water in a satisfactory way.

Hereafter I wish to describe further concepts on the relationship between water and various magnetic fields, published in the past one or two decades. As an interest, a conclusion made by Piccardi (Italy) gained from the statistical procegsing of his about 300 thousand experiments should be mentioned; it says that even extremely small changes in the magnetic field of Earth exert a significant influence on the properties of water. From the end of the 60-s special attention have been paid to the research of connections between magnetic fields and living organisms, and - within its frame - to the study of the mechanism that acts when treating the water and other liquids with magnetic field. Detailed introduction of the results that have been obtained by research. carried out in many places, would require an extensive essay; this study is not eligible for that and it is not my intention, either. However, I will choose some of these results, the conclusions of which correspond to those achieved by other, later researchers who worked in different places and - in my opinion - managed to get to the core of these things and create the possibility for throwing light on further essential correlations.

Researcher of the University of Sophia, Faculty of Biology, Mr. Marko S. Markov gave a lecture in the second half of the 70-s, on the 6th International Conference of Magnetic Technology in Bratislava, under the title of

"Direct and indirect effect of constant magnetic field exerted on biological subjects".

In the course of this study parallel examinations were conducted concerning the direct and indirect effects of constant magnetic fields on biological subjects. The effects of changes in the magnetic field and time of exposure were examined, and the final conclusion was the following: one of the mechanisms of the effect exerted by the constant magnetic field on biological systems takes place by the help of water. In connection with it the new concept appeared- ­for the first time, in my opinion - saying that the magnetic field has a specific value that allows to obtain an optimum state of water and biological systems, which means that there is a " window" .

Latest research show that all levels of biological organisms are influenced by the electromagnetic fields. Living organisms form systems with complicated magneto­biological connections, the scientific interpretation and explanation of which will provide a fundamentally new approach of the numerous problems of our life, and I am sure that it will serve to our benefit.

The present situation is that every living organism is exposed to the effects of artificial electric or magnetic fields of lower or higher intensity, compared to the geomagnetic background. Magnetic influences can be detected in organisms, systems, as well as in cells and on the molecular level. It is a proved fact that the speed of diffusion through the cell membrane from the water­containing substance, which exists permanently within the cell, is changed by electromagnetic field.

According to Klassen, a professor from Moscow, a low magnetic field may have an effect on the structure of water. In compliance with the Bernal-Fowler model of the water the ice-like structure of water - having the water molecules connected with each other by hydrogen bonds - is determined by the structure of electron density of the water molecule. The experiences of

Mr. Marko S. Markov and his colleagues indicate that the most important conclusion is as follows: there is a specific position in the relationship between the magnetic field and the water, where the effect reaches its maximum; there is a "window", where this effect can flow out; it is actually a resonance position that exists at a relatively low field intensity. Furthermore he thinks this resonance-window may also be existing at higher field strengths but - as he stated significantly weaker effect can be expected at the latter, and it is an essential statement! He has identified the correlation between the magnetic field and its exposure time, which is not linear at all; it is also a condition of great significance.

Summarizing these findings it has been stated that with respect to the biological systems there is a resonance-like state between -the magnetic field and the time of its exposure, causing the biological systems to get to a "steady" state and keeping them there for a certain period of time. In every energy-transmitting relation other than the resonance position the received energy is exchanged with the environment, the effect weakens and disappears. Nevertheless, it should also be noted that the transmitted and received energy is relatively low, thus it cannot be responsible for the observed changes alone. Magnetic influence may probably be in connection with a so called information effect where it is the


brought by this energy what is important rather than the amount of the transmitted energy. I think these establishments represent extraordinary progress in the field of the matter in question, and will also have impacts later on, mainly as regards the information! It is an increasingly common opinion that water takes up and stores all information of every type coming from its environment, therefore it becomes the universal memory of the material world. Every trace received by it fades away as time passes, and simultaneously these dimming traces are being replaced by current new information. Information traces in the water change according to a decreasing geometrical progression, i.e. they never reach the zero level. Decrease of the information traces does not only depend on the time passed but on the intensity of the original information, as well as on the duration of interaction.

In association with the magnetic treatment of the water it was clearly demonstrated that only the physical properties are modified by the effect of magnetic field, while the chemical composition and properties do not change.

On the general opinion having developed so far the amount of physical changes depends on the intensity of the magnetic field, the duration of the effect on the liquid, as well as on the flow speed, by which the fluid flows through the magnetic field. According to many opinions the magnetic field has an effect on the fluid - for example on water solutions of inorganic salts - only if the fluid flows through the magnetic field at an optimum speed.

It is declared by many scientists - e.g. by Zdenek  /1977/ and Klassen  /1965/ etc. - that changes in the characteristics of water systems are the most expressed when these systems are flowing through a magnetic field with alternating polarity, and the higher is the number of fields with alternating polarity, the more significant the change will be. Moreover, in these cases the field intensity required for the effect may be far less compared to that required in a field of alternating polarity. As regards the values of the magnetic field, e.g. for obtaining a maximum effect at a constant polarity a field intensity of about 7000 Oersted is needed, while in the case of a field with six polarity reverses 1500-2000 Oersted is enough.

The effect can be intensified by having the treated fluid flowed through the magnetic field again, or several times. The amount of intensification increases with the number of flows-through but its rate gradually decreases; it means that there is a limit that is not worth exceeding because the growth is insignificant. To achieve this limit several conditions should be fulfilled, which are principally the functions of the construction of the applied magnetic systems.



Both the rate of the flow and the length of the time that the fluid should spend in the magnetic field were discussed a lot, too. According to Klassen  /1965/ there is an optimum velocity of water flow related to the magnetic field. Its value increases as the number of magnetic fields and their general extension grows. This value ranges between 0.1 and 2 m/sec.

Most of the researchers or authors do not even assume that the. flow itself might not be necessary for the required physical change, this question is not examined at all. Moreover, there is a definite opinion,  saying that no change can be expected without flow. It was obvious that to clear the problemes it is necessery above all a test method and an instrument to measure the propertys of the water and other fluids before and after the magnetic treatment. With many years works I have developted the system of the measuring to measure the propertys of the water and many other fluids before and after the magnetic treatment and to represent the propertys in diagramme! It was till now possible to measure many, but single propetys, e.g. the electric-conductivity, the dielectric constans, the viscosity, the surface-tension.




untreated Water





0.82 mS

0.68 mS

Conductometer type:


Dielectic constant



Universal dielectrometer


Surface tension

1.81 (Nm-1)x10-2

1.84 (Nm-1)x10-2

Dropweight methode


1.076 (cP )

1.106 (cP)

Höppler viscosimeter


 These propertys are single propertys, are not characteristics of the whole fluid propertys, there are „ static „ propertys. The essence of my systeme is that during of the measurement the water and the fluid must to work, must to produce achievement!

The systeme is still under development, but y can to measure very much of the propertys. The name of the instrument:

S Y L A Q U A  -  2000


Well-known that after the magnetic treatment change the physical-propertys of the fluids.

The fig. 1a. … 1d. represent the change of the absorption in function of the UV wawe lenght in nanometer and in function of the velocity of the water during of the magnetic treatment. Type of the spectrometer: PERKIN – ELMER – LAMPDA BIO UV/ VIS.


The type of the device was:                 SYL 800 – M22 x 1

Product of our firm:                            SYL MAGNETISM Ltd.


It seams that how much the change of the absorbtion in function of the stream velocity. It is howewer very much interesting that the differences are eliminated after short time ! The magnetic treatment of the water give a very great stability of the structure. The fig.2. shows the propertys of the destillated water before the treatment and after 371 days of the magnetic treatment. How big stability after more than 1 year !

This diagramme is the document that the magnetic treatment maks a phisically change in the structure of the water and these new structure has an extraordinally stability ! Because the destillated water has not any chemical material, it is fully clear that the change of the propertys are exclusively physical characteristics, not chemical.

The author of this study has carried out numerous experiments and series of measurements on this issue, and experienced that the water having been flowed through the given magnetic system still at a speed of 6 cm3/sec had reached 98 % of the effect observed at a speed of 160 cm3/sec. The effect observed between these two limits modified exactly according to a linear function. Before you ask the question how the change developed further on when exceeding the upper limit and why it is not indicated, I must tell that this test was unavoidably prevented by the available water pressure of the water-line network, restricting the flow rate of water that could be conveyed through the given equipment. Fig.3. On Fig.3. is visible that the stream velocity practically has no influence! Practically it is between at gurgle stream velocity and the maximum velocity no difference!

The following step was to decide if the movement of water in the magnetic field was necessary for changing the effect or not. In connection with this I have performed a double  study. I examined the degree of change caused by - of the permanent-magnet materials available in practice - the ferrit-magnet with low energy-content and the Samarium-Cobalt magnet which is related to the former and contains an amount of energy exceeding 17 times that contained by the former, in a water without flow, i.e. in a stagnant water. I expected the result itself but its quality. It was expectable because on the basis of my experiments described above it had been demonstrated that even at a very low speed of flow (practically  a water amount of approximately 6 cm3/ sec, as it was stated) it had been possible to obtain more than 95 % of the maximum effect; i.e. a tendency had become obvious that an effect can be observed even if the speed of flow decreases dramatically, and this effect is significant. On this finding it seemed probable that there should be an effect without flow, as well; in this case, however, it was to be expected that the time factor would have an important role. Actually it happened so, but I did not expect the effects of the two magnet materials to be the same, both with respect to the intensity of the effect and the time required to achieve the effect.

I placed the magnet materials of two different kinds into plastic cups of 300 ml separately, filled with water from the domestic water-line network and measured the effect in every ten minutes. The most surprising was that the rate by which the modification of the effect observed in the water surrounding the ferrit magnet increased, during the first periods exceeded the rate detected at the Samarium­Cobalt magnet, but at the end they actually reached the maximum after the same time, which was about 80 minutes. The effect obtained did not changed after 3 hours more. At the same time, the intensity of the observed effect was equal to that detected at a speed of approx. 60 cm3/sec. It can be considered as a medium speed in the case of a liquid that has flowed through the above mentioned equipment, i.e. in the case of a flowing liquid. Nevertheless, no difference has been demonstrated as regards the intensity of the final effect, despite that it could be predicted on the basis of the difference between the energy-contents of the two magnet materials. Later it has to be studied thoroughly!  Fig.4.

Further on I examined and measured the impact created by the storing of the treated water in the function of the storing time (treated water was gained from the water-line network and flowed through the equipment of the above indicated construction, at a medium - approx. 60 cm3/sec. ­flow rate. The result was shocking. On Fig.5. is visible that after 1334 days - 3 years and 239 days – the effect of the treatment still lives !

Intensive examinations on the impacts of magnetic field are being carried out all over the world. One of the interesting establishments comes from the researchers Joshi and Kamat  /1966/ who experienced that the difference in the concentration of hydrogen ions that had been caused by the magnetic field did not cease in a tridestilled water still 10 days after the treatment. Besides it is an extremely interesting fact that this difference in the concentration of hydrogen ions did not decreased after the boiling of the treated water, followed by cooling, freezing and reheating!

When performing my own studies I noticed a fairly strange property of the treated water. At a room temperature, 23 Celsius I measured the water that came from the water-line network and flowed through the usual equipment described above, at an average rate of about 60 cm3/sec. I checked - considering the effect measured at 23 C° to be 100 % - the changing of the effect in the function of the temperature -changing. Raising the temperature the effect decreased gradually and evenly. Reaching 55 C° it declined to 60 % of the initial value! Then I left it to cool down and detected the changes in the course of the cooling period, too, which returned to the value measured at a room temperature proportionally with the decrease of the temperature . Following that I started to cool it, performing the procedure in two stages. When being stored in a normal refrigerator it took up a temperature of approx. 5 C° after about 3 hours; at that time I performed the first measurement that showed a significant growth of the effect. After this I put it into the freezer and stored there at a temperature of -18 C° for 18 hours. Removing it from the freezer I carried out a measure, the result of which was the following: it exceeded the value detected at a room temperature by room than 40 %. Then I left frozen water to thaw and measured it at the melting point. The intensity of the effect declined remarkably, then reaching the room temperature returned to its original state! Illustrating the values of changes in a diagram, Fig.6. it was clear that they were situated along a straight line, which - when elongated ­virtually went towards the point where the effect ceased! At the same time the following question can be brought ap with reason: how is it possible that in the case of water the intensity of the effect returns to the initial value despite such drastic changes - with no respect to that if it is an increase or a decrease? This phenomenon is natural and well­-known in association with solid bodies - where atoms form a

stable structure consisting of crystalline systems. But how far is the stability of a fluid-structure from this state? It has not seemed possible to compare these materials of two different states in such a way so far! What structural connections do exist between the particles of water that are capable of restoring the intensity of the effect obtained at the treating temperature in such a way that temperature­raising - it is obvious from the fact of the reducing of the effect - causes this connection between the particles to disintegrate or at least to become deformed somehow, but makes it change in the opposite direction when the temperature is being reduced, as if the connection between the particles became closer or more systematic? However, the point is that this phenomenon provides a decisive proof for the fact that the treatment with magnetic field creates such a change in the structure of water and - now I dare to generalize - of fluids that is practically permanent and differ from the original state of the fluid.

Interesting relations were revealed by my additional examinations, as well but the publication of these would extend significantly the volume of this essay.

Summarizing the above findings the essentiality is as follows: after being influenced by a magnetic field, water preserves the "trace" produced by this effect and is capable of transmitting this effect under appropriate circumstances.

This capacity will play a role in the biological relations to be described below. Among the latest results of biological research I will mention some topics that are in connection with the transmission of biological information, as one - maybe the most important - of the functional mechanisms in the living body, as well as with the properties of the intracellular substance, including naturally its water-content, too. It is a proved fact today that cells communicate with each other and these communications are transmitted through the bioelectric currents and electromagnetic radiations of the cellular substances. Like everywhere in nature, energy is required for the transmission and functioning of this information. Of course, this energy cannot exist without the interaction With the energy of the surrounding nature, that of the universe. This latter conclusion is critical for many people, I suppose, but will be obvious and acceptable for everybody in a short period of time: there are no isolated phenomena - including ourselves - existing in the universe; more or less everything is connected with everything! As regards the immeasurable sophistication of biological reactions  - which are actually transmissions and receipts of information - our Nobel prize winner, great scientist, Szentgyörgyi Albert assumed already in the 30-s that these cannot be caused exclusively by the molecules. The reaction is realized by more tiny and mobile units of the body: the electrons. It is the mobility of electrons that allows the transmission of energetic impulses, information.

Communication may occur also in another way. An example for that is represented by the reaction of the polypeptid chains of the body given to an external energy stimulus, e.g. to an energy-transfer through a laser beam, - i.e. by electromagnetic impulses - which generate a dipole at the given place; and dipoles may develop around this place, too. As a result, an information impulse, a stimulus can spread. Marking the apolar molecule structure with "0" and the polar with "1" we will get a computer-like, binary system. It is an established fact that all living tissues emit electron spin resonance signs, which means they are


As it is evident from the above, recent biological research seem to prove that the

electromagnetic processes

play an essential role in the living organisms. Information provided below concerning the research on the changes of the properties of water are related to the change of the dielectric constant. An electromagnetic effect may cause electrons to move in the biological substance due to the Compton-effect. Thus dielectric constant will change, as well. It has, however, a significant result, which is demonstrated by the fact that dielectric constant of water

is 81, 5, while that of the ice - which has the same chemical composition as water - is only 3.0. With respect to life this fact is of crucial importance, as the external-internal medium of vital processes has always been represented by water. Water consists of dipoles surrounded by solid mediums such as the cell-wall and a well-organised, ice-like (see the above mentioned Bernal-Fowler’s model of water that has suggested formerly the ice-like structure of water) substance within the cell. It is a well-known fact that in the tissues the major part of water can be found in a well­-organized form like this, causing the water "to be fixed" and - together with it - the dielectric constant to decrease, which is of crucial significance with view to the biological processes.

The evidence af the communication capacity of cells became known for the world for the first time due to the experiments performed by a Russian scientist, Alexander Gurvich . It was he who took notice of the following phenomenon appeared to be mystic: cells being in the division phase - mysteriously enough - induce quick cell­division in the cultures of cells that are isolated from them. He called this phenomenon biological induction. By his further experiments he demonstrated that this effect was inhibited at cell-cultures that were isolated by glass, while this inhibition did not appear when using a quartz­-wall. It provided an evidence for that the remote effect functioned in the ultraviolet region or beyond it.

Later on the discovery of Prof. Kainachev concerning these biological messages was of outstanding significance: by the help of a weak electromagnetic radiation he managed to transfer a viral infection to living creatures in two, totally isolated systems. In the former

Sovietunion it was supported by subsequent experiments later that biological impulses can be transmitted not only in the ultraviolet region but in the region of infrared and visible light, too ! Additional striking statements were made by french atomic physist Christian Daniel Assoun who analysed the metallic element-content of human cells by atomic spectroscopy. He clearly demonstrated that metallograms of normal, healthy cells - and consequently also their


radiation and magnetic responses

differ to a great extent from those of the degenerated and pathogenic cells! Thus the new branch af medicine has developed:

quantum medicine.

According to Assoun's theory of "memory-storing atoms" the basis of genetic information is provided by such biological quantums. The attitude and task following evidently from the theory introduced above are in perfect conformity with the research that are being performed in the same field and are to be outlined below, as well as with their results. This attitude and task are the following: to distribute and redistribute the metallic elements being in ionic form, electrons, photons and energy quantums in the cells, in the bioplasm. In such a way we are able to modify or control the the pathogenically changed electromagnetic wave field of the living matter, as it happens e.g. on the basis of the effect generated by the softlaser beam and acupuncture.

The above findings can also provide an explanation for the effects of acupuncture: namely, we can consider the system of acupunctural points and meridians as a model of quantum emission. It means that the meridians and acupunctural points - owing to their electromagnetic properties - can be regarded as electromagnetic force lines and magnetic force points. After all, the above mentioned application methods take their effect through the modification of the energetic level in the energetically harmed region. Relying upon these findings and his own results Prof. Popp has established the


 in the Research Institute of Marburg. This theory is focused on the permanent wave field ernitted by the cells, which consists of photons and phonons (light and sound energy). These assure the control of the body, the transmission of information between the cells and the organization of defence. If this information-emitting wave field disappears from a cell, it results in the death of the cell. If, however, the electromagnetic information is encoded- incorrectly by any reason, cells are unable to receive an incorrectly coded message and thus they "registrate" a false cell-death. Naturally, the response will be an uncontrolled division of cells, i.e. the cancer! All these findings demonstrate clearly that. the operation of cells, which provide the basis of living organisms, and the whole of the body is the function of electromagnetic radiations; all these radiations start from and get to the intracellular substance, take their effect there, and ­which is crucial - the most significant part of the intracellular substance is provided by


without which theae essential functions could not take place! Research carried out in further fields of this issue and their results are in conformity with the above, and complementary to each other perfectly. It is a widely known fact that today our environment is already full of electromagnetic radiations, at every possible frequences by and large. These coherent radiations that are exact in phase and frequency are emitted ignoring the electromagnetic activity that exists in nature otherwise.

Since living organisms always use coherent radiations in their self-controlling processes, an accidental interference with these vibrations may easily lead to abnormal reactions that result in lesions, diseases. Physical studies have enabled us to understand the chemical processes, and now we know that also the chemical reactions are determined by physical laws of nature, electromagnetic activity of the atoms is superior to chemical processes. This circumstance suggests us to focus our attention to the biophysics, as in the case of a chronic or complicated disease an absolutely individual therapy is required, the biochemical solution of which is hopelessly complicated owing to the vast number of possible lesions, thus it is practically impossible to settle the problem by a schematic treatment!  Smith and his colleagues showed that the assumption concerning the same reaction of different patients to the same therapy became unacceptable from the scientific point of view. A large number of scientists started to search for the solution of this problem, and today we can declare that they were successful; they achieved that well-operating - and what is important, available - equipments have been, introduced, providing almost unbelievable opportunities. Detailed information on this is given by the exceptionally interesting study of the author indicated under reference, Research Institute of Marburg. In my present essay I discuss only the details that concern those characteristics of water observable also on this field and without being aware of which the obtained results could not be achieved  At the san:etime I only outline the findings that are interesting for  everybody and       consequently can stimulate to    read the referred original works- provided that they have not been read yet.

Scientific evidences published in 1989 by Guidice and Preparata, researchers at the University of Milan made it clear that water is capable of storing electromagnetic information, indeed. This capacity springs from the fact that water is a dipole system having - in addition to the low-energy hydrogen bonds, a highly organized, crytal-like state, where very strong hydrogen bonds can be found due to electromagnetic connections. (Thus Bernal-Fowler theory has been proved!) Therefor water is capable of storing information that can- be

changed only by a new, repeated energy-transfer.

                                    In the living body water is effective in this state              

It is evident from the above that the formerly described. properties of water allow the transmission of information to living cells in an electromagnetic way. Studies carried out by Wewer (1967) and Ludwig  (1988) made it known that the body performs important self­controlling processes under the influence of magnetic fields of very low frequences. Base frequency of the so called Schuman-waves - existing between the surface of Earth and the ionosphere - is 7-8 Hz, and according to the study of O'Keefe and Nadel  it is the only frequency that is the same at all mammals. Specific,

electromagnetic fields that are fairl weak anyway

are inevitable for the usual functions of living organisms of Earth, and it is a fact proved undoubtedly by Wewer's pillbox tests  . In the works of Adey and Lawrence  a new and revolutionary concept appeared: only signs

with specific intensity

are eligible for joining the electromagnetic communication of cells. F'ollowing the demonstration of this specific intensity, the so called Adey-window, the statement, according to which "if a reaction has not been produced by a strong effect or stimulus, it cannot be triggered by a weaker one, either", is no longer valid. In addition to or instead of the designation "Adey-window" the definition "biological window" is also used today. As it was stated above, on the basis of the studies performed by Morell  it can be declared as a fact that life on Earth cannot be without electromagnetic radiation. The discovery that cells have electromagnetic radiation - peculiar to their substahce - and, as a result, they have a capacity of transmitting information, provided the chance for further research to study these properties in details, What is the consequence of the above? The conclusion is that these electromagnetic factors must be examined, analysed first. The following must be established:

  1. what frequency do they radiate on?
  2. what is the form of the emitted signs?
  3. what is their amplitude (Adey-window)?
  4. in what phase are they compared to each other'?


Naturally, in order to study all these properties the development of such equipments was needed that allowed these examinations to be performed. Morell and Rasche were the first  to create the device that made it possible to start the detailed examinations. In connection with the development of the device significant results were achieved  later, and in 1987 the equipment called  BICOM was launched, allowing  the realization of a comprehensive, global

analysis in practice. Commenced studies made it clear that-       in accordance with the previous suspicion- there are  remarkable differences between the four, above mentioned factors of healthy     and gathogenic cells.In physics it is a well-known fact related to the waves that signs of the same frequency, the same wave- form, the same amplitude and the same phase can be extincted by each other, if their polarity is opposite This principle is used at the developed equipments, as well. Namely,    it became possible to transmit back signs that correspond to the emitted signs but are of opposite polarity, thus eliminating the deficient radiation. By doing so, improper communication can be           eliminated, thus enabling the body to focus its forces so as to perform its tasks in a more satisfactory way, to     regenerate itself! These solutions and their further development, application will provide the possibility to realize a phantastic progress that has not been imagined before. A number of harmful          discussions have been and are taking place concerning the effect of magnetic fields exerted on water, and the question if the water treated in such a way has a positive effect on the body. In order to prove    that notwithstanding all opposite news – the magnetically treated water really has such an effect, this effect is positive and it is not only a rumour which I can believe or disbelieve at my discretion,   I would    like    to introduce, a matter below     containing the extract of the original publication I have in English. Made in                                                        

TONG REN Hospital

Shanghai, China.Its authors are the members of the"Group studying magnetic water"

conducted by YANG YUE. Colleagues: WANG HUAXTANG, XIE WENHUI, ZHANG XIEHE, MA DINGXIANG, MIAO TINGJIE and LIN SU. Title of the publication is:

  „ Study on the effect of magnetic water in the treatment  of  nephrolitiasis and sialolithiasis”

(I would like to note that unfortunately the main point is expressed incorrectly by the publication, i.e. the expression „magnetic water" - as it was declared above - is incorrect; the correct expression is: magnetically treated water, but it does matter now as regards the conclusion!) During the examinations related to the nephrolithiasis 496 persons, including 366 male and 130 female patients, got one cup of magnetically treated water every day.

The youngest patient was 6, the oldest was 79. The shortest therapeutical period lasted for some days, while some patients were being treated for more than a year. Prior to commencing the treatments each patients were diagnosed to have (a) nephrolith (s) . Patients were not given any medicines other than the same daily amount of magneticaliy treated water and did not undergo any other medical therapies. Detailed review of the examinations and their results are provided by the publication, establishing that the total efficiency of the procedure was 70 %! Its conclusion is as follows: On the basis of the obtained results magnetized water is considered to be effective against nephrolithiasis. No recurrences were observed at any of the cases with successful treatment.

As regards the treatment of sialolithiasis, 33 patients(23 male and10 female) were examined; the youngest was 9, the oldest65. The shortest period of treatment lasted for 4 days, the longest     for about 1 year. In this examination the total efficiency of the treatment Was

93, 9%          !!

Summarizing conclusions:

*   Magnetically treated water can eliminate nephroliths.

*   The results show that the calculus can be swilled well by the treated water; it leads                  to the loosening of     the crystalline structure of the          calculus that can be removed from the  body by the urine.

*   Treatment with the treated water is very effective against ureteroliths, effective

           against nephro- Iiths and effective to a certain extent against calculus in the                    pyelon.

*   The treated water proves to be very effective in       the therapy of sialolithiasis, with no respect to the loealization of ths salivary gland. This therapeutical procedure is a new method in the medicine.    Independently of the above the authors establish that both the speed and the extent of growth of animals and plants increase when  providing      them with such water.                     

Comperative tests on tadpoles were also performed, and it was stated that regarding the ratio of lifetimes and deaths individuals living in the treated water were in a far more advantageous situation.

The effect exerted by treated water on the nephroliths was checked by double blind tests, in several hospitals all over the country, involving in total

137 persons

(104 man and 33 women), of whom 72 patients were given treated water (group A) 65 patients were provided with normal water (group B) . Of course, none of the two groups knew if the water given them had been treated or not. The age of the patients ranged from 20 to 40 years. In group A calculus was discharged in 29 cases that is equal to  40, 3 %; in group

B the number of such cases were 11, meaning 17 %.


Further conclusions:


1.) The efficiency of treated water exceeds that of the normal water.

2.) When treating ureteroliths, treated water proves to be more effective than in the therapy of nephroliths.

Urine analyses were carried out with respect to the dissolving capacity, as well. Examinations concerning the analysis of CaC2O4 were realized in 40 patients. In connection with this, it was established that treated water prevents CaC2O4 from precipitation!

Therefore consumption of treated water can be regarded as a prevention and a therapeutical method of nephrolithiasis.

As for me, I do not intend to comment the described facts: the results speak for themselves. Nevertheless, I hope they will produce a positive reaction in my own country.

At the same time, magnetized water produces several effects not only in organic but inorganic matters, too (for example the prevention or elimination of scaling). The issue caused fierce fights and debates between the individuals and groups refusing the effect categorically, denying it and those having the opposite opinion. It has an extraordinary literature; it is equally supported and refused by the results of tests - I dare to say weighting a quintal - ­performed by considerable groups, institutions, enterprises.

It is impossible to discuss the numerous recorded series of cases - and these cannot be only accidental results - in which the obtained results were positive, e.g. in the prevention of scaling. Large number of positive results cannot be ignored just because they are not supported by many control tests. This situation is due to the fact that those aspects- chiefly with respect to the application - are not clear at all, taking into account of which the procedure could be expected to be effective. Neither the basic aspect has been made clear: what construction should the used equipment have in order to be able to ensure an operation that can be expected under the given conditions. This unfortunate situation will not cease until somebody or somebodies begin to deal with the comprehensive, complex solution - concerning both the user's and the manufacturer's side - of the issue - using their intellectual and significant financial assets. In any case, two things can be declared:

l.) It is a nonsense to suppose that all the authors of the reports, articles demonstrating       positive results are dilettantes, impostors or ingenuous misled people.


2.) It cannot be assumed that the positive results of research related to the question and performed by the specialist teams working in a number of research institutes are all unfounded, accidental conjunctions of circumstances or deliberately misleading.

For the positive application I will show only one example : already in the 70-s more than                     1000 ships on the seas were equipped with the device created by the Norvegean Olaf Fjeldsen; in addition to this many equipments were installed in other fields, including installation into the water-line network providing the drinking water !

 Summarizing         the foregoing it became obvious that   magnetic fields do have an effect on water as a solution, and-  what is more important – influence its physical, chemical structure, as well. In my   opinion this establishment can be extended to other liquids and solutions, too.These two different effects together and separately create special characteristics, the results and consequences of which will become public properties only in the - I hope near - future. Finally let me mention some   relations, as subjects of interest, that  can be          brought inconnection with the      magnetic field, as well as with other external effects and water in some form or other. A study published in one of the scientific reviews of    the Soviet Academy of Sciences -  non-treated water. The length of the way made by the serum proteins in the magnetized Delta, /1975/ - says that by the help of the polyacrylamide gel made from magnetized water the          electroforetic         separation of serum proteins can be performed better than by the help of normal, non-treated water.The length of the way made by the serum proteins in the magnetized medium exceeds by 8-10 % that made by them in the common gel; thus they can be separated easier.

On the 1974 th year scientific conference of the surgeons of West-Germany Dr. Mühlbauer, a professor of medicine from Munich reported that -  Delta, /1974/- ­relying upon the findings of the clinical examination of more than one hundred patients and numerous animals tests he had found that wounds heal faster under the influence of magnetic field, and cicatrization is improved, as well. These effects can be produced not only by permanent magnets stuck on the wounds but by weak, alternating magnetic fields, too. On the findings it is assumed that magnetic fields have a direct infiuence on the interstitial cells of the living tissues. Improved cicatrization was demonstrated on experimental animals, the wounds of which were treated partially by conventional structures, partially by the applied magnetic "zipper". Alternating magnetic fields are eligible especially for the treatment of extensive burn and caustic wounds, as well as of wounds with impaired healing.

In numerous scientific laboratories of the world, e.g. in the Institute of Chemical Kinetics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, intensive research are being performed concerning the effect of magnetic field exerted on the mechanism of chemical reactions. It has been proved by successful experiments that magnetic field largely influences the chemical reactions taking place in such solutions that contain free radicals. Further research are expected to provide explanation for the effect produced by the magnetic fields on biological systems, which is known but not revealed.

One of the lecture series on the various fields of science, held on 15-l6th of November, 1971, in the House of Technics (Budapest, Hungary), within the frame of the Film Days of Soviet technics and agricultural sciences and connected with presentation of films, there was a film performance of 21 minutes . Its title was the following:

Contemplation on the magnet

The issue was the influence exerted by the magnetic field on the living body and colloidal systems. I myself saw this performance, too and obtained the script of the film in Hungarian. Experiments related to one of the themes of the film - prevention of the growth of tumors by the help of magnetic field - were carried out in the Research Institute of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Sovietunion, Rostov. The experiments were performed by Elena Borisovna Kvakuna and her colleagues on animals. 3-4 months after the injection of carcinogenic substances tumors developed. Then the animals were divided into two groups: one group was treated by - magnetic field, the other one did not get any treatment. Each member of the latter group died. Members of the other group were exposed to magnetic treatments 15-20 minutes every day, and in addition to this, activating isotops were introduced into their body so as to increase the sensitivity to the magnetic field. In the major part of the animals tumors were absorbed, eliminated and replaced by normal fibrous connective tissues. The reseaschers managed to produce the effect not only by magnetic stimuluses focused on the tumorous parts but by an influence on the brain of the animals. From this the conclusion was drawn that also the central nervous system plays a significant role in the preventive effect of magnetic field in the development of tumors.

As the author of this essay I have been studying magnets - as structural materials - for several decades (since 1946) and magnetism as a topic, and already in 1964 I developed an equipment for the magnetic treatment of water,  which was used for irrigating pinks in a floriculture of Budapest, achieving such results that had not been obtained before. I am on the theme at present, too, and have developed a series of devices including equipments that can be installed and used in a wide range starting from water­taps in the household, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, through the irrigating systems in gardens and nursery­gardens to the heavy-duty agricultural irrigation systems ( 90000 lit./ hour, at a pressure of 10 bar) .





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